October 01, 2010


Last last week planned jumpa my beloved Suruh. But then something came up and she could not make it.

And yesterday, planned well to meet Yanakuya. But again, she informed me that she needed to attend something urgent. 

See. Thats how busy my friends are. So don't blame me if we didn't see each other for almost 3 years. Huhu.

Misi jelajah alamanda still akan saya teruskan. Tak kesahlah sorang sorang pon. Jiwa yang merana akibat tiga minggu terperap kat rumah and college harus diberi nafkah. Muehehehe. 

So, satu sticky note ntuk mama,

Dear mama.

I'm sorry I keep this from you (and is not planning to inform you) that I am about to go to alamanda alone tomorrow. In case you read this, do forgive me.


Notabadakair: somehow I feel empty.

Ok tu je, bai

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