October 11, 2009

2nd block finally ends~

I am so damn relieved!!

akhirnya dapat jugak tido ngan amannya~
tapi sebenarnya agak neves bila pk pasal exam hari tuh..
I really hope dat at least, I wont fail the paper for this block..
or else,, I think prof Hamdan will kill me without any doubt!!

Actually I was having some kinda mood swing
during the period of time where everyone 
was busy studying the sctl modules. 
Whenever I try to read, my head spinned n 
I was like lost in my own world of fantasy.. 
I am a total mess! Super duper gloomy for the whole day.. Urghhh!!

Me also donno why..

ting tong!
oo yes!
I do know why!!
My mom said it would be nice if I spend my weekend at Cyber~

Why?? again
Because she wont be home!!

Where to??
I have no idea.

I was planning to spend my weekend with my lovely tilam yg sangat empuk~

But at last, I ended up swimming for the whole nite 
[my butt was supposed to sit on my father's car on that time!]
Another thing that stressed me out~
Please get me outta here!
Dying to satisfy my shopping thirst!
Got quite a long list of new things that I NEED to have
but unfortunately, 
I got no one to accompany me
I sound pathetic did I??
Yes I am pathetic! 

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