December 19, 2009


Next week will be the final paper for CHET!!
God, I wonder wat the questions will be like,
Dr Tayyab cakap "senang je"
*he never speaks malay though, ^_^*
and in previous class he said that 
it would take us around 20 mins to answer them,
dat statement really makes me tremble!
Wat if I cant make it on time?

abg afiq said dat if I failed this paper,
I need to repeat the whole 1st year.
That is insanely cruel and I hope it wont happen to me!

Hmm, I like the CHET visits
but when it comes to presentations and exams
I feel sick. 
[bukan CHET je, seme pon same]
n that is not good.

miss bitter sweet moments during the CHET visits. Really do

some of my close friends were not in this pic
and they were like criticizing me for liking it
well, I like the different poses posed by these people
plus plus, I look ok with that kinda smile.
and qilah was acting cool yet cute
oo yeah, min was so adorale.
chea and wawa with their $30 000 worth poses
I just like this pic!

The place which I enjoyed the visit most was PLPP
PLPP is a nice place for getting info about disabled 
u can have a look at the website here

The most part that I enjoyed during this visit was
the time we got to touch the prosthetic limbs and such,

I wonder how a person can live with with 
a support of sth not as original as our real limbs.
Oh my..
so, moral of the story is,
NEVER ever try sth that will risk ur precious body~
macam xbermoral je ayat tuh.

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