December 19, 2009

Futsal ++ 1st timers..???

For the very first time in my life,
I played futsal~ whoaa..

and when I told my babah about it
he was like, "my daughter is playing futsal?"
and he kept repeating the same line for at least 100 times
babah sangat bangga ngan afi nampaknye.
ngee ^_^
it was a hilarious yet tiring experience,, must say.

So, on dat day,
 I was the goal keeper for the " kami budak baik" team
and guess what,
there were times that I failed to catch the ball
and my teammates were like
"Its ok, we still have the opportunity to win. dont say sorry!"
There were also precious moments that I sacrificed my limbs
in order to catch the ball
and the result from that brave actions were,
BRUISES all over my hands and legs..
if I am playing for MU or other clubs,
 I will absolutely request a million compensation for that!

Though most of my teammates were 1st timers,
including me,
but they played well.
[me as well] perasannye saya~
We managed to be the 2nd runner up
and of course we were very proud of ourselves for that.

seme da jadi adik beradik tiri ngan
segala kaki n tangan sakit sakit,
jalan pon lambat2 mengalahkan kura-kura..
some of my colleagues did ask what had happened to us
and they were like laughing their lungs out when they
found out that we were futsaling during that particular weekend.
I got talent!
they gotta accept that~ whahaha..

best moment captured

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