December 19, 2009

Psycho ++

This behavioral science punye block sangat mencuakkan jiwa dan raga..

like everyday I have to prepare for some presentations
which I dont really like or in other improper word,
I HATE presentations.
I hate it when people try to give their full attention to what am I going to say
coz I know I am really bad in explaining things.
And it will be worse if I am so damn nervous.
I tend to say sth stupid which of course, is EMBARRASSING!!

But last tuesday's punye presentation was not so bad,
yeah, I almost read everything stated on the slide w/o doing any elaboration.
If Dr sya was around she would give a total zero to me.

I am sooo nervous when I come to think about my Pathology final's result
am I doing just fine with this Patho thingy?
I really hope that I did...>.<
and this Psychology block is a real Psychotic!!

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