January 24, 2010


bahaya tuh.
tapi rasanya narcolepsy lagi bahaya kot.
patients with narcolepsy need to bring a recorder while they are attending important meetings or classes
coz they'll fall asleep without them knowing that they will fall asleep.
haha. sila fahamkan betul2 ayat tuh.

well,speaking of insomnia
there are 2 types of insomnia
1. susah nk tido
2. t'bgn awl n xleh sambung tido.

to those yang de insomnia,
u guys really need to avoid naps especially the long one during the day
because it will interrupt ur night sleeping routine.

nap is good though
kekadang tido sampai REM punya stage of sleep.
sangat bes.
dan xelok.
BMP kuberjaya bertahan bbrp minggu je.
adakah afi mengalami insomnia?

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