February 26, 2010

No idea.

I miss home.
nak balik..!!
tsk tsk.
before this babah ada tanya,

"kakak nak balik x?"

and I replied

"takpelah bah, next week exam. Nak study"

Ececeh, study. haha 
Now I can say that I am regretting my own words. *sigh*

Last evening was the day that we need to do the presentation for Traditional Complementary Medicine (TCM)
Our group was assigned to do the poster presentation about Yoga.
Overall it went smoothly and I could say that M08 had done a very great and wonderful job as they were the moderator for the exhibition.
There were quite a number of booths and the last group had to wait for about 2 hours before they could face the judges.

Rasa agak bersyukur cos our group was the second group.
Sumpah bosan gila kena tunggu berjam-jam dalam hall tu 
without doing anything.
Just wandering around, gelakkan orang, and try to practice the poses of yoga.
One of my friend, badan dia sangatla macam belut
and FYI dia boleh buat "The Bridge" punya position.
That was super cool.
I tried to strike the same pose, sakit pinggang and tulang belakang. 
"Dont push yourself" That's yoga is all about. haha.
I'll never forget that line.

Uh uh, and tadi jugak,
waktu tengah syok gelakkan orang dan membiarkan diri menjadi bahan gelakan,
afi ternampak adegan-adegan yang agak 'menyampah'
oh, saya punya sebab kukuh untuk itu ye.
manusia oh manusia.

moral of the story: Get a life!


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