April 30, 2010

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Last Tuesday was the day for Palestine Awareness Campaign (PAC) grand opening. The event was held at the foyer of main CUCMS campus *a strategic place I can say.* With all the VVIP's and students filled up the foyer, afi rasa sangat berbangga and bersemangat and, and uh rasa macam best sesangat. Overly excited.
Perasaan terharu bersemangat tak dapat digambarkan.

Event start dengan pemberian ucapan oleh Dato' Abu. Sangat tersentuh dengan ucapan beliau cos I know he didnt really read the script prepared for him. That was his sincere own words. And so, after Dato' rasmikan campaign tu, Prof Latif and his band performed a song from Micheal Heart. I was a bit stunned as I saw a lot of people gathered around as Prof Latif started to sing. I saw some of my friends who were at the second floor rushed to the ground floor just to see Prof Latif and his band performing. And some even started to climb the stairs to second floor just to have better view of the performance. Prof nyanyi kot sape tanak tengok~ heheh

So here are the posters that can at least make us revise on what is this conflict all about.

The Conflict

Read the posters then U'll understand the conflict of Palestine and Israel. So people, Lets do our best to help Palestinians!!

Notabadakair: Entri yang dah terkepam berkurun lamanya kat draft. Didnt really remember the exact date of the event, layankan jelah.

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