April 30, 2010


People say migraine is common.
But do they really know how to manage it?

Me myself needs a lot of helps in managing migraine.
This cunning attack is very hard to predict you know.
sometimes it gives you headache just because you think whether you're doing things that can trigger the attack.
some of the doctors I met said few different facts about migraine.

Some say stress can lead to migraine.
some say stress is just a minute reason for migraine.
some say chocolate can make me suffer from migraine attack
which sometimes is true,
some say MSG is migraine's bestfriend,
and some say,
bright lights is a must to avoid. *yes yes he is deadly right*

here's the thing.
I think the best way to avoid migraine is to learn how you can cope with it,
because different person has different ways in handling the migraine itself.
for example,
I cannot stand bright light 
but my friend said that she'll experience palpation when its dark and thus, leads to migraine.
strange right?

One thing that I'm very sure after I had a migraine attack,
I'll be either dull or hyperactive.
As for now,
I'm hyperactive.
That's actually one of the side effects of the drug I took last morning.
This symptoms is called migraine hangover.
Although I'm feeling a lil hyperactive, I cannot think straight.
I tend to do something stupid and the best thing to avoid that is to sleep.

I better go to sleep now.
Here's the link for more info about migraine.
To those who suffer from migraine or any other diseases,
please keep this in mind

sakit dan musibah adalah penghapus dosa bagi seorang muslim.


  1. I used to have migraine about years back... It really annoying... stick with ur meds... From my experience, it will just go off... Have balance diet and healthy lifestyle... =)

  2. Really? I had it for 4 yrs and it just wont go off. huhu~ totally agree with u! balanced diet is a must. thanks for the advice doc! =)


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