April 20, 2010

To my beloved friend, Hawa.

Dear Hawa,

I read ur latest post.
I donno what worry u most dear,
but please remember Allah will never burden us with something that we cannot bear.
He knows best.
There must be reasons for what had happened and sooner or later,
U'll appreciate the experience and hold on to it till the rest of ur life.

Dont be sad dear!
I know u'll get through it!

"Anyone can give up, its the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if u fell apart, that's true strength"



  1. Dear my sweet afi.. tq so much! ^.^
    I felt so ease & pleasure to hear that from you! I will always2 remember ur advice.. It wil b in my heart forever!.. mmmuaahh!! =*
    U wil always b my little cute & sweet afi.. heheh!!

  2. awww..thanks dear.. be strong ok!! =)


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