May 23, 2010

The dates.

I know I hardly respect others feelings.
tapi kadangkadang I did say something silly because 
I don't want to hurt my pride.
Call me ego.
I deserve it

Ok *insertnamehere* here's the list

1. 27 Jan, 3 June
2. 7 Dec, 25 Nov, 10 Nov, 15 June
3. 14 Jan, 7 Apr, 10 May, 24 Dec, 1 Nov, 2 Feb, 5 Apr, 8 June

They are important because they light up my life.

And one more thing,
saya ingat tarikh tarikh penting yang patut saya ingat,
u dont have to remind me ok?
Read the list,
23 May is not included right?

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