June 18, 2010


Saya sangat kecewa semalam.
kecewa kecewa dan kecewa.
There must be reasons for what had happened afi.
be optimist.

After a simple reflection session,
I had came out with one solid reason why it turned out to be this way.
U need to help people in need afi.
U need to help people to be better,
dont be selfish!
everything is about group work.

Its not that I don't want to be part of the group,
Its not that I don't want to help them,
Its just that sometimes I feel like I don't belong there
I feel left out and that really sucks.

No matter what it is,
I have to start with a brand new beginning
so that I have a sweet ending.

p/s: thanks chea for the time u spent with me on the phone last night.
And you, yes you. Thank you. (^_^)

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