July 04, 2010


Amputation. what do u guys think?
What if one day you woke up from a long sleep and you realize that one of your arm was amputated?
that scares the hell out of me.

Tadi afi tengok drama jepun Code Blue.
well there's a lot of things that can be learnt and I did revised something within an hour of excitement.

First episode,
ada sorang pekerja kilang,
forearm dia tersangkut kat machine.
so the great actor yang berlakon jadi super great doctor decides to amputate that 19 year old patient's forearm.
his argument to the mentor is,
the patient is in shock,
he lost lots of blood and if there are too much time taken to remove the forearm out of the machine,
his heart will eventually stop.
what a great diagnosis within few minutes.
and yang paling menarik,
the great doctor buat surgery amputation tu kat kilang besi.
field surgery.
that was COOL.
I think this kind of doctor will fit in easily kalau kerja kat tempat macam Palestine.
dont you think so?
I do think so.
so, I think I need to be like him.
Prof Khin, help me!

Ok mari belajar.

What is shock?
Shcok is a medical condition characterized by a decrease in tissue perfusion(process of blood entering the tissue) to a point where it is inadequate to meet cellular needs.

What is essential signs of shock?
- Tachycardia (heart beat over than 100bpm)
- hypotension (low blood pressure, can happen if the patient lost a lot of blood. Just like the case above)
- confusion or loss consciousness

Is shock life threatening?
Yes it is. It can cause heart to stop. 

The other moral value from the first episode is,
sila fikirkan emosi pesakit anda.
do whatever it takes to make them happy,
for their emotion actually help the process of recovering.
dan yang paling penting,
they did apply this important point dalam drama tu!!
siyes kena paku kat otak point ni.

and one more thing,
from my observation of the emergency cases,
doctors kena pandai control emotion.
well in some conditions and situations you really need to be emotional so that you can help the patient,
but in some situation,
you need to be emotionLESS.
contohnya potong tangan sorang budak umur 19 tahun 
Some might say, What?? budak 19 tahun?
what do you think his future will turn out if he lost one of his upper limb??
hmm. but I still think its more important to save his life.

Well then,
I need to study to be a greatgreatgreat doctor! (yeye je)


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