July 24, 2010


Early this morning I received a text message from someone.

“He is hot! My Leeteuk made me drool last night. OMG. He is so cute in that show! Do u watched it? U better did! :D”

Leeteuk? Afi mengalami tachycardia for several minutes. Leeteuk? Is this for real? Then I replied her

“Err excuse me but may I know who’s this?”

And to my surprise she sent me this message

“Oh common derrr! U gotta be kidding me! STOP PRETENDING”

Waktu tu afi rasa cam sesak nafas lagak orang dapat MI pon ada. Hati and tangan ni nak je taip, Feeyah dear is that you? Tapi otak afi still waras. Takkan Feeyah kot. Then I decided to call her.

Afi: Err sorry Miss but I think you got the wrong person

Dia: Really. But that does sounds like you, Fatin

Afi: ….(mulut ternganga) eh sape ni??

Dia: God. You really have forgotten about me do you?

Afi: Well..I hate to say this but yes. I can’t recall anyone who loves Leeteuk more than feeyah

Dia: HAHA. Who’s feeyah? Anyways it’s me bib. Ring a bell?

Afi: Bib? Bib who? (serius rasa cam nak ketukketuk kepala kat dinding. Adakah afi mengalami amnesia???)

Dia: Bib! Don’t you remember me?? Habibah!!

Afi: Oh, ok I have a friend named bib, or Habibah but she’s in Germany right now.
Dia: Germany? Ok you got the wrong bib. Fat, are you serious you don’t remember a thing about me?

Fat?? Memang sah budak ni silap orang oh!

Afi: Sorry dear bib, I think I am not the right Fatin you are looking for.

Dia: Eh then which Fatin is this?

Afi: Fatin Afifah.

Dia: Oh f***. I thought you are Fatin Fakhriyah!!

Afi: Feeyah?

Dia: Who’s Feeyah?

Afi: Em, Fatin Fakhriyah. (dalam fikiran afi waktu ni, she’s weird.)

Dia: Oh so she’s Feeyah. Can you please get me her phone number? I really need to talk to her. About Leeteuk and so on. Haha

Afi: Err, how do I put this. Feeyah….she’s not here

Dia: Not here? Of course she’s not here! Oh well actually I’m at Bali right now with my hubby. We are on our honeymoon but Leeteuk really makes me forget about my husband. Haha. Sorry about that I will go crazy whenever I see Leeteuk. Hehe

Afi: You see, Feeyah is not here. I mean not here, not here.

Dia: I don’t understand. What are you talking about? (nada suara beliau pon berubah and I felt like crying)

Afi: She passed away about a year ago

Dia: What??? So who am I talking to last few months??? (dia jerit sakit telinga ai uhhh)

Afi: Huh?? Wait, are we talking about the same Fatin Fakhriyah here? Mine is Fatin Fakhriyah Adam

Dia: My friend’s name is Fatin Fakhriyah Razali

Afi: Oh..

Dia: I’m so sorry.. I think you are right, I got the wrong Fatin. Well I better go. Be strong eh?

And she hung up. Waktu tuh afi rasa cam dunia ni berhenti, and senyap. Afi rasa cam semua benda dalam bilik ni pandang afi with that look. I am stunned, kaku, tak tau apa reaksi yang patut afi tunjuk. For some reasons I feel happy for having that kind of conversation but it is such a dream crasher to think that she’s a stranger and she’s not calling for me instead, she’s trying to reach her Fatin Fakhriyah. And now, where is my Fatin Fakhriyah???? Isk Isk.

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