July 30, 2010


Tadi waktu afi tengok cite Lipstick Jungle kat Hallmark,
Victoria did mention something about
"Women tend to be attracted by their cousins as their personality are quite similar to them. I can't imagine me marrying my cousin! That's too weird!"
And there's more on USA Today, 
"Marrying first cousin is not going to bring any offspring problems because the genetics are different enough at that point to be safe for child bearing"
Wow, they even did some research about this matter due to prohibition on cousin marriage at certain places around the world. For instant, America itself. 24 states have this kind of law where cousin marriage is illegal. And of course the law comes with quite a long list of strong and concrete reasons and also evidence of cases evolved around the world. Tak sangka pulak topik ni agak hangat. Nampak sangat afi ni tak cukup pengetahuan am dunia. Oh!

Hmm. Rasulullah sendiri pon tak galakkan kahwin sesama sepupu for some good reasons.

1. Risiko terhadap anak
2. Hubungan kekeluargaan terjejas if something bad happen to the marriage
3. Genetik problem.

I have to say I agree on Victoria's statement about having similar personality. NOT THE OTHER PART. From my understanding similar personality refers to similar way of thinking and maybe have some common in interests and stuffs. I think my cousin and I have that similarity thingy which makes him my closest relative. It's good you know to have someone you can talk about everything. Everything as in EVERYTHING including things you cannot talk to your parents. (Especially orang macam afi ni. Satu. Satu means single.ngehngehngeh) Lagilagi waktu depressed, and times we need someone to agree on us while everyone seems to let us down, and also, it feels good to have someone to talk about something that happens in the family. (yelah kan kalau cakap ngan outsiders karang dorang susah nak faham). But of course a cousin remains as a cousin, forever is a cousin, no matter how close we are. Come to think of it, actually he is more like a big brother, a best friend and so called advisor, pencetus idea pon iye. Sometimes when I need to have opposite sex punya opinion about something, he is the person I'll talk to. One thing about him is he knows how to satisfy me with words but sometimes he can also turn to be so damn annoying. Hah kadangkadang buah pikiran beliau yang matang buat saya termalu sendiri. (bila fikirfikir balik, of course he should act matured, he's OLDER than me)

He once said that I have this ability to build a wall whenever I'm with the guys. Yeke?? I hope that is included in special abilities or something like super power so that people can call me Wonder Girl but uhh, maybe not because a person with super power doesn't have stage fright. And the best thing about him is he is super good in giving advices about men, haha. ~tett jika anda 'ter'baca ini sila jangan marah~


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