July 24, 2010

Fikiran jam 12.12am

Angah: Sorry for being an awful sister to you. I am a selfish jerk, kill me for that. 

Abam: Hmm. What have I done wrong??? 

Acap: I'll let you get away this time but I will never show any mercy if you dare to repeat that again, read me??

Epu: Sehat? Hmm. What is it in Japanese anyway?

Abang Asyraf: Miss chatting with you tapi sangat super malas nak install YM. Text me, text me, text me!!

K.Pia: Bila nk bwk Zulaikha jumpa ibu??

Syafiqah: Earphone plus volume number 13 will tear your eardrum!!!

Akufobia: ouch. sakit tu. :P

M13: What happen to our dream vacation???? Aaaaaaaa.

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