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Smoking 2

MasyaAllah.. Ada pulak orang terasa dengan entri smoking
Hohoh. Kenapa terasa? Kenapa marahmarah? 
Did I ever mention anyone’s name in that post? 
I believe I didn’t. Jangan cepat melatah. 
Sape makan cili, dia la yang rasa pedasnya. 
Hot and spicy gitu.

Ok look *insertnamehere* waktu afi tulis entri tu kat PBL room 15, afi tak terfikir pasal kamu langsung. Even ur name didn’t came across me while I was typing the word rokok or smoke. Nasib baik kamu call and meluahkan rasa hati kamu tu, if not I will never know the fact that you smoke. Though you said that u told me once about smoking thingy but I didn’t give too much attention to it that is why I never BEAR IN MIND that you are a smoker. 
(harapharap bukan heavy smoker la ye)

Jadinya, sila la jangan berkecil hati maupun terasa. That entry was for no one. It’s just one of the ways to share my knowledge and also, I typed all that to help me remember everything I learnt in previous classes before I entered the PBL room for CST session. Sila paku ini dalam otak kamu 
“jangan paranoid wahai diri sendiri”

Tapi memandangkan kamu da terasa dengan entri tersebut, why not think about quitting? It’s good for your health and for your offspring. 
You see, cigarette smoke interfere with your entire gene network so please reserve the best for you child. Though u said something like “as if I care about my breeds, they’ll never know what I’ve been through now”, part of me still think that you do care. Jadi, sila quit ye kawan? Every cigarette that u light will shorten your lifespan and the effects, hanya Allah yang tau. 
Besides, please be healthy so that I can see you happy again. Cigar is a really really really bad friend waktu stress. Kawan yang baik waktu stress ialah Quran dan sejadah. You’ll find something when you are with them, please try.

Haih. Actually I have quite a large number of friends who smoke, not to mention they are females. Even my uncles are heavy smokers. Kekadang kalau balik kampong timetime raya (oh tak sabarnya raya, rindu takbir raya yang syahdu) rasa lemas yang amat. My uncles, they really love to talk about everything when they are together so bayangkanla kalau 2/3 of them smoke, they’ll light the smoke in a go while they were having the so-called- meeting and keluarla segala asapasap yang busuk tu. Sekali pandang macam rumah atok lak yang tebakar. Kekadang agak hilang sabar bila one of them masuk dapur with the cigar yang menyala berasapasap. This is dapur ok, dapur. If you want to smoke, go get yourself a room. Don’t let anyone inhale that stinky so- not-healthy smoke and drag them to die with you. Tapi memandangkan dorang semua lagi senior takkanla afi nak cakap macam tu. Title anak sedara solehah kena jaga. Ekekeke.

Duludulu while I was conversing about guys with mama, out of blue mama cakap, sila jangan bercinta dengan lelaki perokok. I don’t want you to die before me. Pergh. Mendalam maksud tu. So konklusinya kepada sesiapa yang nak meminang adikadik ai, sila pastikan anda bukan perokok tegar. Miahaha.  


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