September 11, 2010


Is it them or me?
Sape yang tak faham sape sebenarnya ni?
I am soo bad with words seriously I do.
So please please please try to understand my alien language. 
You see, sometimes there are certain thing that I have to keep to myself and there actually also things that need time to be understood by some people who didn't get to see me everyday so please, judge well.
I'm not saying that you were wrong to say stuffs like that to me and I was damn righteous to just stay silent or else I promise you will never speak to me ever again, but pleaseeeeeee pleaseeeeeee pleaseeeeee keep everything you need to say about me to yourself.

Ok now I think its me who cannot face the fact that I'd done something horrible, or maybe wrong. Or maybe so horrible and wrong.

Oh common man! I paid for that thing! Its my money, my thing so why cant I just use it??
I need it anyway. Herh.


Wahai afi, sila cakap PADAN MUKA kepada diri sendiri. 

Ok bai

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