September 12, 2010

Because she loves me. heheh

This is for you mama.
After some thinking I think I learnt something today. I mean yesterday.
If I were her, I'll think of the same thing too.
Should explain every single thing then people will understand.
Separuh separuh kena maki la jawabnya.
waha. No offense.
dan saya kena belajar untuk tidak mengulangi kesilapan yang sama. 
*hmm, still trying to accept that it was a mistake. Mistake kah itu? heheh, sila belajar terima kenyataan juga wahai afi.* 
Seriously lately saya dah kena maki ngan ramai orang.
Telinga pon dah macam susah nak bezakan makian dengan pujian. Ekekeke.
That is also one of the trainings for my future career. Yeah yeah.
*I'm trying to be positive. Yes, TRYING*

Whatever it is, I love you mama.
Love you for raising me up this way.
I was about to start the 'cat fight' but you teach me that it will show how low I am.
mama kata, diam tak semestinya kalah. Yeah.
But sometimes I need someone to speak up for me cos that gives me STRENGTH.
Enjoy the song. Me like it so much!
and yes, just ignore the video. 

ps; ye ye saya maafkan kamu. but it takes some time la kan to digest the words and buang kat toilet. hehe. but still apology accepted so, stop apologizing ok?

Ok bai

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