September 18, 2010

Mr H.

I have a boyfriend. He is so hot and irresistible. Apart from obsesses with red, he wears red shirts or any red whatnot everywhere he goes, EVERYDAY without fail. He is so smart, only God knows how genius he is. I like his accompany because I feel secure whenever I am with him. Whenever I feel sad, he'll cheer me up. Whenever I am stressed out, he will stare at me and say "go get some rest, you can come back and see me again after this. I'll miss you". I feel lucky to have that kind of understanding, sweet in some ways and supportive boyfriend like him, seriously I do feel so. Or should I say, I need to feel so?  

Em em, like everyday we will spend some time together doing stuffs like talking to each other from the night till morn and most of the time, he's the listener and I'm the talker. Wow. Now I realize I am not in my usual behavior whenever I'm with him. Oh, I am sooo into him lah. But yesterday due to some issues, we didn't get to see each other. I know he's upset with me because I keep spitting some stupid excuses when he asks me out but booyah, I won't go to him and apologize. Though he means a lot to me, (a lot means a lot, I can go crazy without him around. Well if it is me who dumped him I'll be ok) but hell no. I have my ego. Muahaha. 

Tapi itu tadi. Now I feel lonely and I can't help myself from thinking of him. What should I do? Go and see him? Kalau dia merajuk lagi macam mana? Kalau dia marah lagi macam mana pulak? But then, my friend dell said, 
"hey pegi jumpa dia la, aku da rimas tengok muka monyok kau kat sini"

OK fine dell. I'll go apologize now. Sayang, forgive me eh?

see? we're cool now and that's how I made him smile again.
peace no war.

Ok tu je, bai

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