September 14, 2010

kenapa tulis blog??

Wow. Soalan ini menarik.

1. Ok, the main reason why I created OMB (oh my belog) is because I love to write. Its not really 'I love to write' but its more like 'I'll write anything that come across my mind whenever I feel bored or stressed out or bored and stressed out'.

2. If let say one day I lost my memory due to some sickness or diseases or maybe kena langgar ngan kereta 'ushers' kat sini dan hilang ingatan, at least I have something that I can refer to (nauzubillah). And at the very least I know what kind of person I am and get some clues of what had happened to me in the past.

3. Saya suka merepek repek pasal benda benda yang saya sedang atau telah atau akan belajar cos you know, human being specifically me tend to remember things easily when I typed certain facts all over again and explain them in my own word. So, basically that benefits me alot lah.

4. Some things are better left unspoken but better be written. :)

5. Kadang kadang bila handphone out of credit I'll type something here hoping that that particular person will read my message. Heheh. But most of the time, it works.

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