October 12, 2010

5 menet.

Had very long tiring days lately. This week is physiology week you have no idea how hectic it is. Phew. The SCTL modules are thick as hell BUT I enjoy reading it. Setiap kali baca module tu terasa macam Prof Hamdan bagi personal lecture kat saya. Muehehehe. And everytime I try to finish the assignment I feel like I'm constipating, trying hard to produce good answers but after having hard time to understand the lectures, most of the answers are craps. Haih. Takpe takpe. Atleast I have the urge to try. Iskk.

ESP thesis adalah perencah kepada kepeningan. Tapi setiap kali jumpa Prof Zawawi release tension ai. He's such a sweetheart. Comel je. Macam babah pon ade. Hehe. Not to mention he's from Dungun so rasa relief boleh jumpa orang kampung. *Though I don't really know where he lives* 

Hurr. I hate you la g*****.
Really really hate you.
Wish I can tell you this but hell no! I don't have the guts to do so!

notabadakair 1: hoi! Takbaik benci orang lah.

notabadakair 2: tetttt. masa 5 menet berblogging sudah tamat. Sila sambung kerja anda sekarang juga wahai cik afi.

Super cute onion

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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