October 31, 2010


Everyone has gone to deep sleep except for me. Am sleepy but insomniac. Trying to reach babah's cellphone but I think he's sleeping also. Babah must be really tired for driving alone. All this while mama ai yang setia slalu ikut babah pegi outstation so they kinda take turns to drive. But today, I mean this time mama needs to be at home for there's so much things that need to be settled before we move out and plus, I have the JPJ test this tuesday. Pray for my success dear friends. I'm dying for that piece of paper which people used to call a DRIVING LICENCE. Hurm. God I miss babah already. Why does he needs to be in KL this week?? Why not next week? Hergh. Benci benci. 

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


♥..Drop it..♥