October 30, 2010


Oh well, now I'm home. For a week. ONLY. I wish I can stay longer cause there's no place like HOME!!! The indulgent of being home make me a HOME ADDICT. Kahkah. Home addict? Ada eh word cenggitu? Eh eh , sukati ai la nak tulis pape pon, ini belog sape? Belog aii kann sama sekali bukan belog yuuu. Yielk yielk yielk.

Ok ok be sirius afi be sirius. 

And so, this entry goes to you cik kucengkatumahatok. Whyyyyyy onnnnnnn eartthh ddiiddddddddd yoouuuuuuu dooooooooo thaaaaaattttttt????? *baca dengan 6 harakat for each word ye kawan kawan* What? Do you think I'm your bebola benang hah..? Iskkk. Oh, common girl. You know me well. SAYA KECEWA. KUCIWA. KECIWA. KACIWA. KACUWA!!! Takpelah. Silalah bersuka ria. Enjoy your life. Love your family. BUT, dont blame me if something happen to your kitten. Bye.

Notabadakair: I thought you were different but you are just the same. Takpelah. Saya REDHO. Pergii maiin jauuh jauuh. 

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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