October 26, 2010

Left hand works.

I think I need Imigran more than Caffox. Had a mild migraine attack last night and took Caffox to prevent the full blow but it doesn't seem to work on me. The mild attack was totally gone after I took it but to my surprise the throbbing pain started and got worse this morning. I sleepwalked to the toilet at about 4 am and I only managed to open my eyes after like 20 minutes of standing in the bathroom with part of my head sunk in the sink. Luckily it was not the toilet bowl or else I'll be puking everything out of me.

Is that a sign that I'm addicted to Imigran? 

Or is that a sign that I need to get the painkiller shot?

Whatever it is, I just hope that my body will be functioning normally before tomorrow because I really need to focus on my study for finals. Issk.

And uh, my right hand is numb and I cant feel my right leg. *Daa, I'm typing with my left hand ONLY which takes me like hours to finish a paragraph.* Try to poke my leg with a needle and its amazing to feel neither nerve reaction nor stinky pain. Haha. This is fun but dont try this at home unless anda adalah pemigraine tegar.

I really need to remind babah to set an appoinment with the neurologist this upcoming break or at least, get the prescription for Imigran. Its not that I'm trying to be bitchy dengan memilih milih ubat mahal saja untuk ditelan cos FYI Imigran cost at least RM20 per tablet and being a pain in the ass for wanting consultation from a specialist whom 15 minutes consultation cost about hundreds ringgit but I cannot find any clinic with Imigran so far. Clinics with ING which prescribe me the drug to be precise. Seriously I dont want to spend my money on those tablets or else I will never telan the ubat dan buat perhiasan dalam almari je.

Ok enough with merepek repek. I need a dark cold room with extreme PEACE so I can doze off and shut down for some time. Begone migraine begone.  

notabadakair: neurological effect isn't that bad. I hate stomach upset much more, if you know what I mean. kahkah

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