October 17, 2010

Like Seriously?? ^^

Wawahhhh!! I found it! Yes yes I found it!! Found it!! *Menari nari macam pompuan hawaii*
So that's basically how it's done heh? That's just so lame lah! Hahahahahahahaha.
Macam ni kau nak kutuk aku sampai kau mati pon aku tak kisah!
Hahahaha. Lame la. Rofl. Wakaka.
Seriusly mom is right. 
Just keep ur mouth shut then people will start analyzing which one is the bad ass and which one is the jack ass. *eh bukanke bedua tu serupa?* Mind my language. I just need to spill everything out so that I can go to class with ease tomorrow.

Sheesh. I wasted lots of time thinking about what people will say and think about me when she started the rumors but now I think that WAS a total of waste. SERIOUSLY. haha. Call me paranoid. Call me bitch. Call me whatever you need to call me lah! Wekk. ADA AKU KESAH??

Mama: my poor baby. Umur 20 tapi dah kena fitnah macam macam. Redha ye kak. Adalah tu balasan Allah bagi. *I'll hold to that mama. I promise I'll hold to that till the day I die*

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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