October 28, 2010

Towards the End.

Dear baby belog yang gedik, just be patient and listen to me rambling about OSCE. Physical examination was HELL. I was so nervous to see the PATIENT. Allah did answer my prayer. PATIENT sangat memberi kerjasama. Oh. And the Doctor who assessed me was super awesome. He kept smiling which of course helped me to get back to my sense. Thank you doctor.

And the second station was HELL no 2 as it went quite well compared to physical examination station. But of course, being an AFI is not easy. Kahkah. Guess what, the whole conversation was in Malay except for self introduction!! I memorize the script and also the keywords in English, yo. So what did you expect the situation was, yo? I over sweat demmit. There, I spent quite some time trying to figure out on how to translate everything in Malay soon after I realize the patient was so not comfortable with english. Nasib baik lecturer yang assess saya waktu tuh adalah Dr Rosni, my ex mentor. I noticed she was like tahan gelak when I kinda confuse with things I said myself. And the patient was giving her full cooperation by suggesting the malay word which seems to be quite masuk akal compared to words derived from my brain. Hadeh. 

simulated doctor: boleh tunjuk tak exact region yang sakit tu?
simulated patient: kat perut
simulated doctor: which part of your abdomen?
simulated patient:..........................
simulated doctor: sorry. Sakit kat mana ye ******?
simulated patient: tadi saya cakap kat perut.
simulated doctor: ouh sorry. Perut kat bahagian mana?
simulated patient: sini

If you know what I mean, I kinda repeat the questions again and again with high expectation of getting different answer from the patient. Erghh. Malu dengan doktor Rosni. Isssk.

But overall everything went well. Takdelah se HELL CVS. Tapi, still hell la jugak. Nama pon exam kan, takkan ada HEAVEN lah!

Notabadakair 1: I'm going down down down. TT__TT 

NotaDrFarkaad: dont think too much about OSCE for now it has end. Just focus on your exam tomorrow. 
*thanks for the comforting words doctor. We love you*

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


  1. Dr. Fatin : kat bhg.abdomen mana y sakit..?
    Patient: ???
    *mujur dia xjawab dengan penuh bergaya nama abdomen..klu x, suruh dia check sendiri la..

  2. haha..tau xpe. klau dpt jwb yg tu, sy jd patient bia dia lak jadi dokter :)

  3. hahaha..lawak tol..
    tp..bestnyee jd awk..fluent bi..^__^

  4. eh takdenye fluent bi. sy jd camtu sebab neves melampau. otak tak jalan~ huu


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