November 07, 2010

Our Little Secret

Dear blog, you know I made you a substitute of a human being who listens to my rambles everyday, so please be loyal ok? Heheh. And so, today I feels like writing everything which had been stuck in my mind since how long I dont know. And dear blog, please don't let fatin afifah knows anything about this will you? Anything I write in here stays in here, please don't bring them up whenever you see fatin afifah ok? Yes, I know you're such a great listener. Ok here goes my rambles.

Makcik whom I respect so much, please don't let my emotion take control of my brain which can trigger me to say something stupid and eventually hurt your feelings or maybe your pride as a senior citizen who should get tons of respect especially from youngsters. And also, please tell your daughter to stop messing with my life, and tell her to stop disturbing me. Explain her the value of friendship that she is about to lose if she keeps on doing that.

And makcik, please don't push me anymore. I don't want to have anything to do with your son, which I never did before pon. He is just a friend, can you please digest that. He's a FRIEND, nothing much. Oh yes, maybe there's something more about him, he's my late bestfriend's HUSBAND. Don't forget that please. 

I know you love your son, and would do anything to make him happy. But I have the right to choose what my life will turn out to be too. I have dreams, I have what we call ambition and need I to remind you, I have my own life. I want to live my own life. I don't want to live my life just to please others. This is something serious of course I will never accept it. Say you are in my shoes what will you do? Though she is my bestfriend but I need to move on. And if moving on means that I have to let go of everything that have relations to her then, I have to do that. I'm really sorry.

Lastly makcik, I think you cannot blame me sepenuhnya. Ask your daughter what she had said to me. Saya taknak olah panjang panjang but I'm pissed off to hear someone I call a friend saying stuffs like that. I don't expect an apologize but I expect no more calls and no more swears. That's all I'm asking.

P/s: duludulu ada trend adik kena kawen dengan abang ipar bila kakak meninggal dengan alasan "kesianlah anak sedara kau aku taknak orang luar yang jaga" kata mak si lelaki kepada si adik. Sekarang nasib adik terbela sebab ramai orang dah stand for them when they are forced to do such thing. 
Zaman sekarang, bestfriends yang resemble the wives a lot were asked to be the second wife just because the husbands dont want to lose the memories created with the first wife. Hmm, ape guna bini yang second tu? Pengubat rindu kepada bini pertama? Pencetus kepada kuatnya ingatan kepada bini pertama? Habistu perasaan bini kedua macam mana?  

notabadakair: psst, and dear mamababah, if in any case you read this, don't talk to me about this pon. Just pretend that you know nothing boleh? Anything  in this belog, stays in here remember? heheh.
Cute character girl

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


  1. Kalau cakap macam drama melayu boleh.?

  2. huh? huhuhuhuhuhu....
    okay, tidak seperti skrip drama melayu. =)

  3. haha. ooo. drama melayu is mostly based on reality. :)

  4. yap! agree..mmg dh boleh agak, ending and klimaks cerita melayu kan kan kan =D


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