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Sengih sampai telinga.

Everything went well. Saya LULUS!! Alhamdulillah!! Tersangatlah ramainya orang yang fail or in other word, kandas harini. I was like, thank god I made it. PHEW. And my cekgu was sort of shocked to see my marks. She said, "you've done well. I want you to teach my son pulak." Apekah? His son?? Yang darjah empat tu?? Oh no no no. Taknak ada rekod penjenayah. Wekekeke.
Mimimo mouse

Part bukit and parking tu takde masalah. I learn new technique waktu tengah dok buat jalan mati. Free gear then the car wont move! Hahaha. Entah hape hape. Dulu waktu belajar cekgu duk pot pet cakap aku boleh terlupa, bila da exam barula menggelabah apply technique itulah inilah. 

And then part jalan raya. I was trembling and my leg was shaking hard duh! Siyes akak pegawai tu tersangatlah garang mak oii! First word yang keluar dari mulut dia ialah "Hmm, ape ni". Seriously I couldn't detect mistake apekah yang saya wat so saya buat bodoh je. Kahkah.Mimimo mouse Then she sorta complain about my name. "Nama awak panjanglah!", "Eh kenapa nama awak banyak coma coma eh?". And I was like, oh, errr, heheh. Dear pegawai JPJ, I am trying to stay focus here, don't distract me. iskk. Kalau terbabas masuk semak karang cik puan jugak yang cedera teruk. 

Apart from that, she never talked dah. Dua ketul ayat tuh je yang dia cakap. That was a relieve. Haish. At the end, she said that I need to drive more, so that saya jadi cekap. Thats what she said. And also, she told me that I need to speed up. Waktu test sahaja bawak 60km/h, waktu biasa make it 80km/h. Wahaha. That one jangan risau cik puan JPJ, takyah cakap pon takpe. I need to prepare myself for my future lamborghini. Wahah. Wait for me eh lamborghini!

As for babah, as soon as he knew that I made through the test, he was not that happy. Angan angan saya ialah babah will let me drive, and maybe trust me more than he trust abam in handling the car, but I think yang itu akan terdelay beberapa tahun lagi. *sigh*. He was so freaking worried about my safety. Terus buat mesyuarat tingkap dengan mama and told mama to persuade me about the drive-a-car-to-cyber thingy. I don't mind pon kalau tak dapat bawak kereta sekarang cos I know I'm new dan bukannya berani sangat pon nak drive dengan environment GANAS kat cyber buttttttttt, seeing his reaction made me feel a lil bit disappointed. Babah, sila percaya saya. Saya janji saya akan jadi seorang pemandu berhemah. Iskk. As for mama, she already asked me what car I ever dream of. I really hope that question is from babah seriously I really hope that to happen cos I know my dad is a type of dad who gives his children what they NEED not what they WANT. So dear babah whom I love so much please, for now I am dying for your TRUST so that saya akan terus maju menjadi seorang pemandu yang berjaya dan berhemah. Iskk. Sikit pon jadilah. Iskk iskk.

this aint lamborghini, and this aint my dream car. Wekekek.

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


  1. oh congrats! akak ada lesen ja tapi penakut nak drive. abeh tu asyik dok renew license tu. wakakakakka

  2. Heheh. Kemungkinan besar sy jadi mcm akak laa. :)


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