November 14, 2010

Sunday Night random thoughts?

Damn hungry. Craving for doughnut. Iskk. Dasar gemuk!

Consequences and fate. Does they related to each other? What do u think?

I say: Yes, they are related to each other. In my life dictionary consequences are something that you need to face after you made a decision, whether it is a wise decision or vice versa it has its pro and cons and you have to face them. And if the consequences are real bad ones, you can consider them as life lessons and that's also what I call fate, right love? Whatever. Basal nuclei! Basal nuclei!

Ahh and one more thing, don't lie to me! I can read microexpressions now. Thanks to Lightman. 
Mimimo mouse
And yes, Myth Buster director or producer or whatever -er, I have a suggestion for your show. Maybe you can do some research on Lie to Me tv show instead of proving that James Bond movies are feeding the viewers with stupid illogical techno craps. I don't think the viewers are stupid enough to believe them so you don't have to prove anything. (read: that's my POV) Why don't direct the experiment to Lightman's theory about microexpression and stuffs? cos that will actually benefits a lottttttt of people.  

Notabadakair: ade sesape pegi Big Apple x?? 

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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