November 18, 2010


"U don't blog much nowadays"
"Its hard to see u online"
"Are u turning nerdiER?"
"What is afi without internet?"
"Where did u go?"

Heheh. I'm here. :) 
Still functioning normally. :)
Sorry for letting you down. :)
Its actually kinda hard to fit in this block.
Need a VERY very hard work. :'(
So I need to be VERY very productive because I'm not a genius. :'( 
Maybe this is the point of time where a guy who is so macho pon boleh menangis. Hiks. Sila jangan ada yang terasa. :')
Pray for me yah.
And just so u know, I never forget u. :)

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


♥..Drop it..♥