November 05, 2010


I heard of this thing years ago, and I didn't give to much attention to it. But now this thing is in Malaysia which means I need to give some attention to it because my friends who used to brag about this a lot when they went to Japan was screaming like they saw a flying cockroach while we're on video call just now. Whats the big deal? Its just UNIQLO, common!!

Oh well. Maybe this is one of the reasons they say I'm a true budak kampung. Whateva. I like being this way because I had been brought up this way. heheh. Sorry yah friends! Enjoy shopping a wise spender! Muahaaha.

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


  1. I knew it!! Haahaa. You told me u were typing and I know you're aposting something!

    UNIQLO is epic. accept it!!

  2. epic as in legendary?? Haha. What is it about UNIQLO yang epic sangat tu wahai miss erna? Tell me tell me!

  3. The clothes are too awesome!!

  4. ape menda uniqlo tuh? baju je kan? =="

    p/s: kalo sebut satu2.. "uniq-lo" = Unik-lorrr... hahaha.. =p Patot la style dia unik2 belaka.. =)

  5. haha..agree with u la ezad~ erna sila jgn marah. :D


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