December 19, 2010

the weekend

So many major things happened this weekend and I'm glad I'm home. Hospital sucks, and I'm serious about that. It was not the environment, but the machines. The life support machines for my neighbor was so noisy I could barely sleep. And as the result, I embarrassed my fat ass sleeping soundly while the oncologist on call was doing the ward round. Dem.
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I'm sorry mama babah for making you guys come all over from home to cyber. I love you guys so much words can't tell. I wish I have someone here I can cling on to. teehee. But if i did pon, I think I will still reach for my babah and mama if anything happens. Sorry for being so independent. And poor me for having such a bad ass ***** in the world. I wish I don't have to know you pon. Grr.
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Thank you friends for being here with me throughout the weekend. If you guys aren't here I cannot imagine what will happen to me. Seriously I do. Mama was like, "tak boleh tinggal sorangsorang dah. If they're not home you can just balik rumah or I'll order abam to go and accompany you there. period."
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And dear kakak housemen, although you annoyed me a bit while clerking me that night but upon hearing you said  "Adik sure ke nak jadi doktor ni? Penat tau. Kitorang dah plan nak berhenti kerja dah" I laughed. If only you said that to me months ago I'll definitely think of quitting. But not now. Thanks for not saying that to me before long. Kehkehkeh. But seriously, it wasn't that bad right? There must be something that you like for being a housemen. Takkan semua benda shitty je kot? Impossible. 
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Dear self, please keep holding on. I know I can do this. Usaha dan tawakkal insyaAllah everything will be just fine.

Hmm. Life is just so unpredictable, and that actually makes it very interesting. 

P/s: chea, zillion thanks to you. Love u so much.
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P/s/s: kepada haji bakhil yang menyusahkan mama babah saya, saya doakan anda menjadi tidak bakhil barang sesaat dua. Sila guna otak untuk buat pertimbangan. Oh, mungkin faktor peningkatan umur menyebabkan frontal lobe anda terkehel sebab tu macam tak balance sangat pertimbangan tu. Dasar selfish. Pegi jual ikan kat tepi highway lagi bagus daripada anda mengganggu hidup kami. Grr

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P/s/s/s: sori entry banyak bahasa kasar. Semua 18 tahun keatas kan? Bukan? Kalau bukan sila tekan X kat window sebelah kanan. Sekian. 

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


  1. hee. =)
    betulnya meluahkannya dengan sepenuh hati..
    xpa. menulis itu suatu terapi juga kan.

  2. yup.menulis itu terapi terbaik. :)

  3. you write really well. what were you in the hospital for? it's good that you're out and about now. hopefully recovering well (: (:

    i know being hospitalized sucks but i've never been so it's kind of always been a (small) curiosity of mine. hopefully if i ever have to be admitted it'd be for something really minor or something good (like giving birth but that's TOOOOO far down the line! LOL)

  4. sugarmouse- thanks for the wish. :) Actually, I had an episode of vasovagal attack. Its not sth serious but the doctors said that I need to be admitted so that they could do further check.

    Everything abt hospital sucks. The food, the sounds and the green cloth. I looked like an incredible hulk back then in it. It was super huge, :D

    If it happens to be you're being hospitalized for giving birth then I think hospital won't suck. It will be wonderful cos you'll bring back a cute baby! yeay! :D


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