January 27, 2011


He said I've changed. A lot. I don't know how to react back then but now I think I know. In some ways the changes I made improve my life. But in some other ways, they just suck the happiness out. But still, I keep on changing because I love myself now more than I did before.

I know what I'm doing. Its ok for you to be concern and I'm happy you did show your concern towards me but your words won't stop me from doing what I want and what I like to do with my life. Thanks for the advices anyway. 

And I really don't want to give you the lame excuses and answers that most people use to give to someone who ever say that they have change. 
"I change for good"
"People change" 
and bla bla bla.
All I want to say is, this is me. Like it or not, THIS IS ME.

If being myself makes me lose you, I think I can handle that and I am totally fine with it. Its not because I hate you or what not, its just that I want to live my life for me, not for someone else. And if doing this will make you hate me so much, I tell you what, hate me forever. I don't care.

P/s: smile
Rabbit 1

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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