January 25, 2011


  • Hey you!! Don't cry when you are mad! Just scream!! 
  • I'm busted. My secret place was found by someone. Sheesh. 
  • I need to get out from medical world for a moment. Its very frustrating learning something and exploring diseases and meeting people who are SICK! Its not that I don't want to try and try and try to help them but I just can't help it!! I am SICK of this. Sick of this!! Especially when you know there's no cure for the disease and you have already develop bonds with patients who have it. Wuargh! Its very depressing. Seriously. 
  • Who said it's fun to be a doctor? For me its not. Fun ke bekerja dengan orang sakit?? Fun ke tengok orang sakit hari hari? Fun ke? Cuba bagitau? Tapi that's the beauty of medicine. So conclusionnya, SAKIT is art. 
  • Apa aku merepek ni? Hentah, aku pon taktau. 

This is certainly no fun.

      Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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