January 15, 2011

saya perempuan.

Makcik: what did you use for skin care?
saya: err. pencuci muka?
makcik: that's all?
saya: I guess so. Er wait, I have been using this cream X since few months back. its for my dry skin
makcik: what about toner? moisturizer? sunblock? compact powder? *she did mentioned some other bizarre words and they are too weird I barely remember* 
saya: errr.
makcik: give me ur handbag
saya: why? 
makcik: just give me la. I want to check what's inside it

after few minutes

makcik: is this all you got in ur handbag? what are you? a guy?
saya: eh??
makcik: you don't even have basic things for women in ur handbag
saya: I got my handphone, mp3, purse, a pen, some paper, hand sanitizer, keys. what more do I need to stuff in that?
makcik: I told you, BASIC THINGS.
saya: ok. like what?
makcik: LIP GLOSS, or LIP BALM, COMPACT POWDER, PERFUME, TISSUE. See you don't even have tissue in ur handbag my goodness fatin, what are you?? 


do I really need those so called basic things STORED in my handbag to be a PEREMPUAN? pfft.

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


  1. did the makcik mention bout 'tissue'?? kah3 kelakar lah makcik tu.. just hit the bulleyes of urs.. kah3 inikah perempuan?

    p/s: saya lelaki.. kah3

  2. haha..ntahla. *sambil angkat bahu*


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