February 21, 2011

Hari ini

Badan sakit sakit lebam lebam. SOB. Ini semua sebab Bomba Camp. 70% penat and 30% fun. Will write about the camp later. PBL banyak lagi yang belum master. Next Friday is final exam. Ya Allah.. Give me some of your energy. Setitik pon jadilah. Sobs.

Appointment with the neurologist on Thursday. Tried to call the Neuro Clinic for thousand times tapi selalu tak dapat. Entah apa yang tak kena. I don't think I can go. Exam is on Friday. Definitely NO NO. Kalau weekly assessment boleh dimaafkan lagi but this is final. Takde pape kot. InshaAllah. I'm ok. Saya sihat. That whatever test shall come out normal. So baik takyah buat and spend the precious time to study. Yeah. Study. 

Miss home so much. Miss home made food. Really need some time to recharge. Anyone would like to be my charger? :'(

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


  1. bersabarla, insyaAllah hadapi exam itu dengan tenang.

  2. deden-home made food is the best! kan kan? huu


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