March 28, 2011

...brief of PPD

Hiking will be the last thing I want to do these days.

Pengalaman nasib-baik-tak-jatuh-gaung buat saya serik.

On that time, after dah mengucap panjang and before my hands were pulled by the best groupmate, I was thinking,

"Oh Allah please don't let me die now. There's too much things I want to do and there's too much things left unspoken. Please, let me live at least after PPD camp"

And I think he answered my prayer. Thanks Allah.


p/s: bukannya gaung sangat pon and bila dipikir pikir balik its not that I'm going to die kalau jatuh, maybe patah tulang or jadi sewel or kena cucuk ngan banyak duri but still, kalau Allah nak tarik nyawa jatuh longkang pon boleh mati kan. :)

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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