March 10, 2011

Just me whining.

  • Yeah, literally I hate people complaining me wearing all pink.
  • Now I can't breath, no I can't sleep, I'm barely hanging on. Haih. Allah, please.. 3 more months then I'm free to do what I want. Please, let me BE STRONG. 
  • Extremely hate lipas. I can scream my heart out just because of that tiny creature and yeah, that thing really have the ability to ruin my mood. 
  • Am so exhausted and tired. Class was on till 6 pm. Mata dah 95% tertutup tapi tangan still gedik nak update belog.
p/s: am so sorry. Saya memang begini. Sangat conservative. I am a kind of person who finds it hard to open up to someone I barely know. Ye betul apa yang kamu cakap, kalau tak open up sekarang sampai bila bila pon takleh buat. I do agree that there's always the first time for everything, but for now let it be inside me saje.  Saya lagi selesa begini. Appreciate your concern anyway and thanks for everything you did just now. :)

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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