March 20, 2011

...Only Tonight.

Let me be like this tonight. Only tonight.

You made me see something. You defined me something I don't understand well. You helped me find out my true feelings. You made me believe something that I never accepted in my life. You made my mom compared you to my dad. You took my heart away. You carved your name on it but then you gave it back to me. I tried my best to erase, but your name stays and never disappears. I tried and tried and tried till at some point, it bleeds. What do I do?

I just can't be me when I'm with you. I tried to be the best, but I'm the worse. I tried to talk much, but at the end I was the one who talked less. I tried to say good words, but I ended up making a mess. I straighten my mind, making my heart understand that you don't belong to me but it just won't let you go. What do I do?

I don't want my heart to be broken, so I scrub you off my mind. And now, my neurons are not working well I kept on seeing your images. What do I do??

And this ego prevents me from telling you how much I miss you and how much I want to see you. What do I do?



  1. serious bunyi macam patah hati.. pakwe apa khabar? sihat dia? hahahaha

  2. sound that u r in love my dear^^

  3. you hope not? would this 'pakwe' exist for real? alaa cerita laaa.. nak tau gak.. cerita laa.. haha

  4. @asip محمد

    lol. haha.. wahai asip, aku check email, tapi xde pon email kau bg tu, :p

  5. alahai sayang.. sorry3.. dah lama tak on9.. arituu nak bg.. busy gila.. exam.. maaf2 mungkir janji.. ok2 tomorrow is a promise.. sorry.. ill send it okay?

  6. @asip محمد

    no no no, its ok, take ur time. aku punya project tu pon lambaaaaaaatt lagi. saje je ty, :p


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