March 01, 2011

Perfect video to make up my day. ^^

 I seriously cannot focus on driving when I am tired and exhausted. Asik buat silly mistakes which of course is very extremely dangerous. As for just now, I nearly knocked down a motorcycle. Sumpah taknampak motor tu!! The motorcyclist was an indian, and if I’m not mistaken he was wearing a kinda dark cloth so I am blinded by the colour. Waktu tu kat simpang tiga so I was the one who should be blamed sebab nak masuk simpang tapi macam nak terlanggar mamat motor yang duk menunggu ai yang nak masuk simpang. Get it? Whatever lah. I heard him swearing at me, like stupid and all but seriously I am not that stupid sobs. I cannot see you sobs! Blame my eye then sobs! SORRY, sobs!! Haih.

Before that happen, I misunderstood the GPS instruction and then mislead the direction. Masuk lorong gelap entah hape hape I was so scared and panicked sampai kaki rasa kebas. I think if something showed up from the bushes I would definitely just langgar that thing.

I am just sooo tired and sooo tired and sooo tired my mind could not think straight. I did not get enough sleep for 2 days the least and my eye bag was extremely BAGGY. Kahkah. Just ignore my stupid English.
Today was a tough decision day again. I hate it when I need to make a decision that could change someone’s life or might be my own life. Changing someone’s life for not making the right choice and changing my life for the burden I would feel for making wrong decision which involves someone else’s life. Err. *Growl* I know, my language is getting worse, told ya I’m tired!

Hurr. Where’s everyone???????????? Don’t you remember my existence? Sobs. Ok FINE. 

p/s: thanks senior for making me watch this video. Perfect timing. :)

And now, I feel better. Thanks for spending your time here peeps. Hope you guys gain something from the video :)

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


  1. hrm... sapela senior tu. hehe.

    ajar la step by step cane nak letak like tu. tak reti.

  2. hehe.

    click link ni. follow steps tu insyaAllah appear la like button kat belog kamu :)


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