April 26, 2011

..Days at Kemaman

The first thing I did when I got home was looking for Oman. Haha. I know it sounds quite ridiculous cos we reached home nearly midnight so Oman was surely not at our place. He must had been sleeping soundly at his home. I miss him so much, on that time. Lagi lagi bila masuk bilik and nampak baju ngan pampers beliau. Lagi la meroyan kak phantin ni. Hoho.

Second day at home, I was quite sad cos babah was on call so he had been called to the office. I spent my saturday morning cleaning the cars and helped my mom to trim her bonsai. Now when I look at it, I think the old bonsai looks better than the current bonsai. Ampun mama. Huu. Petangnya kitorang keluar jalan jalan cari makan. Kedai yang mama suka adalah tutup so terpaksalah pilih second choice punya panel. Kerang bakar kedai itu sangatlah tak sedap nasib baik tak dapat food poisoning. But overall makanan kat situ takdelah tak sedap sangat except for that kerang bakar. Yang tu memang sangat tak boleh terima tahap ketidaksedapannya. Isk.

Sunday, drove all the way to DG. Angah was supposed to return to her hostel on saturday but because of certain things, she was allowed to check in on monday. So I kinda get more time to spend with her though she did use most of her time sleeping. Asal masuk bilik beliau I would see her sleeping soundly. Sambil tengok tv pon boleh tetido. Haisho. What a sleeping beauty. And on the way back to Kemaman, we did a quick pit stop at tok wok's house. Got to see sara and dang, she's cute! "When I grow up I want to be a doctorrr" Thats what she said, trust me. Kawaiii!

And today, had brunch at Cik Ja's house. And most importantly got to see Oman! Weehu. He's thinner now compared to the last time I saw him. Dan yang paling membuatkan hatiku kembang ialah, Oman remembered me and Cik Ja hugged me and she said how much she missed me. Terasa diri ini diingati. And Oman dear, you really should nail in your mind that I'm your kak phantin! And uh uh, Cik Ja's nasi daging was the second best in the world! Why second? Cos my mom got the first place you should have guess, teehe.

Off the track.
When I heard abam bragged on how he was so upset that babah is getting busier these days made me think of something. Would my son brag about the same thing when he grew up? Itupun kalau saya ada anak dan menjadi doktor yang berjaya la kan. Hmm.

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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