April 03, 2011

Dear Feeyah, with love.

Dear feeyah,
I miss you so very much today.
I miss you so much that I kept thinking about you.
I miss you soo much that I cried while reciting Yaasin for you.
I miss you so much that I dream about you.

Oh feeyah dear, there are too many things that I want to tell you.
Too many things that I want to share with you.
I wanna hear your voice badly sayang, I wanna hear you talk to me.
I wanna hear you say "jom baca quran sama sama"
I wanna hear you say ''whatever you do remember Allah and your parents"
I wanna hear you say "be strong fatin afifah, this is nothing compared to what Allah had given you since you were born"
I wanna hear you say "I love you because you are fatin afifah and I will always love you for who you are"
and I really miss you saying this "Don't worry you have me at your back. I'm your backbone"

How I wish I have more friends like you.
How I wish I know lots of people who resemble you.
How I wish people around could understand me like you do.

tell me how do I live without missing you this much.
tell me how do I be a best friend to my girls.
tell me how do I make people love me for who I am,
and the most is, tell me how to be a strong, postive person like you.

please bless me with another 'feeyah'




  1. ..YaAllah..tempatkannya di tempat yg mulia
    tempat yg dikau janjikan nikmat utk hambaMU..
    ..Sahabatku akan kuteruskan perjuangan ini
    walau ku tahu kau tiada disisi...

    sedey kte bce post awk kte tau sdey lg awk yg tulis..be strong my dear..

  2. poem nie superb..dlm sym ade sedih..dlm tawe ade rindu..saba ea..

  3. @NuRFaLaH

    thanks dear, <3
    btw, thank youuu so much reservekan tempat ntuk kitorang semalam, walaupun kitorang terlambat and xdapat duduk.. :D


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