April 19, 2011

of monday.

Semalam dah lepas satu exam. Phew. Today I'm going to bring you down. Yeah, Clinical Correlation, wait for my NUCLEAR weapon. ^^

I am being serious when I say, NUCLEAR weapon. Ngiahaha. Nasib baik soalan MCQ kalau SAQ tak tau lah bahasa alien apa yang keluar waktu tulis jawapan tu nanti.

So peeps, please pray for me and also pray for Hamzi and all second year dentistry students from USIM. They are having their pro exam now so I guess I need to prepare myself also. Seeing (literally) Hamzi being so busy studying makes me nervouss. OMJaayyy.

Ok enuff. Its 1.25 am and I need to finish revising. Assalamualaikum

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