April 20, 2011


1. Please abg Nizam please please please reply my email or else saya takkan dapat jawab exam DRM dengan tenang cos banyak kerja tertangguh just because I am confused with all the downloading thingy to develop a website. 

2. Please puan Sri please please please pick up my calls cos I really need to talk to you regarding PH. 

3. Please please please please mama babah allow me to drive HOME. Banyak sesangat barang yang nak diangkut balik I don't want to drag all the luggages masuk cargo MAS. Pleasssssseeeeeeee.

4. Please please pleaseeee jiiirann atas berhenti memekak saya nak tidur. =.=''

p/s: anyone knows how to develop a website using joomla? I cannot find appropriate tutorials about it because of time constrain and internet yang sangat lah 'laju'. Any of the bloggers who come across this entry and know something about joomla pleaseeeee share your precious knowledge with me. *puppy eyes*

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


  1. paksu bleh buat. email dia tanye how. mfirdaus_ibrahim@petronas.com.my

    love: mok pie ;)


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