April 06, 2011

Writing this with a straight face.

I'm not alone.
I don't have any TV at home.
I don't drink wine.
I'm not drunk.
I don't have any pictures on the wall.
I'm not hiding.
I don't have anyone to get over with and no one is walking away.
I'm not turning sad songs on.
I'm not hit and no one is gone.
I don't have any old yellow love letters to be unfold.
It does not hurt.
It is not better.


I am a kind who never let my feelings show.
I do thought that being strong mean never losing myself control.
I want to let go of the pain.
Hell with this pride, let it fall like rain from the eyes.
I just.. wanna cry.


  1. nah.. senang je counter.. macam ni.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk8Pb17pcQI

    p/s: i thought mj version better.. but come to think of ur condition.. hope fall out boy make the condition rite on case.. kah3


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