May 17, 2011

..another day

Yesterday before discussion started kitorang (refers to fad n me) pergi cafe and i bought teh ais. One thing about teh is it contains caffeine and being me who is always oversensitive to caffeine, the effects really is effective. Saya menjadi sangat hyperactive throughout the discussion. And i am happy cos for some reasons my brain seems to work better.

Tapi seperti pepatah melayu yang mengatakan kusangka panas hingga ke petang rupanya hujan ditengahari, i could not control my fear when my brain was influenced by caffeine.

My darkest secret revealed. Now i hate caffeine more and more and more.

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  1. aku addict dgn caffein.. kopi pekat.. neskepe.. coke.. teh.. selalu buat aku lebih bermutu dan tegar.. haha

  2. apekah dark secret tu cik paten?? haha

  3. @asip محمد

    yeah! caffeine tu ada pros n cons nye ye kwn2~ :p


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