May 26, 2011

..I don't know

I was all moody today because of last night's so very frightening experience. Please ya Allah let last night be the last freaky moment for me at cyberia eh? Please please please. I will write about that later.

So moving on. While I was cuddling on my bed, feeling so lazy to get up my dad called and he properly asked me for a date. A lunch date. Ghaha! I bet that was how he asked my mom to have lunch with him. And so, this anak yang solehah mandi dengan lajunya dan bergerak ke arah street mall, dengan LAJUNYA.

As I reached there, my dad already finished his first lunch. HAHA. See how LAJU I moved. Sorry babah for making you wait for like 15 minutes *ke lebih?* and then we headed to Kyros Kebab. There my dad showed me the latest message he got from someone who might be the person who bought my Jet from the bastard who stole it from me. My mouth was like zipped.

Actually there were something that they did not know. I asked my mom to give me some of the phone numbers that had been sent to their mobile because Jet has this very useful application which is the MOBILE TRACKER. So everytime that person inserted sim card Jet would auto sent the number to my parents' phone numbers.

And there I tried to be like a CSI officer. At first I asked *insertnamehere* to sorta check registered name for the numbers sent from Jet but he said that the numbers were not registered. I was devastated. No details of the person using that numbers means no details of the person who might have been the bastard who stole my Jet. And then I took my own initiative and I called them one by one but none of the numbers seem to function accept one.

It took me like hours to make that person over there spoke to me. He barely speaks english. And he said that he was from Pakistan. I was like, huh? That pickpocket guy was a negro and I don't think he was from Pakistan. So I asked him what phone he was using. He answered me and after talking to him somehow I got this instinct you know. This is not the person who stole my handphone. That negro guy's voice was different and he got that english accent not paki's accent like the one I'm calling. And this paki guy, he said that his friend did bought Jet from someone and he once inserted his sim card in that phone. I don't know why but I trusted him when he said "Allah, so my friend bought your handphone?". He also told me that his friend, let me address him as Mr B *who bought my Jet from that bastard* just fly to Pakistan the night before. And the other reason which eventually made me trusted him was another text message came in from a mobile number which obviously is not from Malaysia. So that proved he was telling me the truth.

I asked that paki guy to tell Mr B about my Jet and he promised me that he will help me to get to his friend but then nothing happened. And as I was also busy with discussions and all I did not give too much attention to that.

But today, after babah showed me that phone number I felt kinda guilty for not telling him about this. And what I did was, I sent Mr B a text message stating that he might had buy a stolen handphone and I asked him to deactivate that Mobile Tracker so that Jet will not sent any messages to my parents anymore. He did not reply any of my messages. And now I was thinking, am I doing the right thing?

p/s: IMEI cannot help you. Darn.

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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