May 24, 2011

..My charger

ini bukan sebarang charger. Ni human charger tau. Limited edition.

Nak tunjuk kat korang. Tapi dia tak kasi upload gambar.

Whatever. Takut orang ngorat katenye. Perasan kan die??

Yang bestnye pasal charger, walaupun jauh dimata tapi kite selalu dekat dihati. Kan kan kan? Lol.

Since today is my charger's birthday kat fesbuk so let me sing you,


Hahah. Sila highlightkan perkataan fake tu ok! FAKEEEEEE.

Gedik je letak birthday 24th May. Alasan? Taknak orang ngorat katanye. LAME.

So here goes the nice words dear charger,
though sometimes I say harsh things to you cos you did the same to me too, we are always cool. Thats what I like about you pretty charger. I am me when I am with you. ^^ I can complain, I can brag, I can say bullshit things and I can merely show you the bad side of me. I never care cos I know you will always love me. Right? ^^

And dear charger, thank you for spending your fake-birthday-midnight-moment with me. And thank you for pissing your boyfriend off just because you want to talk to me. Now I feel RECHARGED! ^^

p/s: ILY. ^^

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


♥..Drop it..♥