May 25, 2011

..thank you Allah.

Thank you Allah for every second of my life, to still allow me to live and keep living as a muslim. Most importantly thank you for showering me with endless love and blessings throughout my whole life. For always been there for me through ups and downs, and for always reminding me of how precious my life is to be wasted.

I thank you Allah for the past 20 years of happiness and I am grateful for all the unhappy moments which in the ends make me a stronger me. Thank you for granting most of my wishes and doa and thank you for delaying whatever I want because you know what I need best, for you are the greatest planner ever.

And I thank you Allah for the air I breath and the food I eat. Thank you for still be kind to me though sometimes I am a jerk to you. Thank you. I hope in the years ahead, I can be a better me and a better slave to you.

p/s: thank you for the wishes everyone. <3

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